Our fund philosophy & investment criteria

We’re investors in the next generation of universally loved brands. This mission and deep experience drive our ethos, ways of working and choice of partners.

Our fund philosophy & investment criteria

We’re investors in the next generation of universally loved brands. This mission and deep experience drive our ethos, ways of working and choice of partners.

Creating something where there was nothing before is one of the most demanding and rewarding things anyone ever takes on. As founders ourselves, we’re behind you every step of the way. We like to meet early and often; setting common goals long before any transaction is a must. Here are our investment criteria, and if what you are doing qualifies, do get in touch.

Ideas that help the world rise up

We’re looking for innovative and disruptive propositions with simple business models led by founders that can attract strong backers. Our focus is on brands that champion positive change — direct-to-consumer products, services and tech that improve lifestyles, wellbeing and are a rewarding part of the aspirational consumer economy. Our markets are the UK, Europe, US and Australia.

Early proof it works

We focus on and accelerate ideas at late Seed and Series A, where being market-ready comes into focus. Often, you may have bravely got going and found early adopters. What sets you apart is signs of market fit, evidence of (or the potential for) compelling unit economics and healthy revenue growth.

The brand first, not last

We look at every opportunity through this lens: the earlier you bake brand and marketing thinking into the product and technology, the bigger your success will be. By brand, we mean what a company stands for at its core, new, attractive customer acquisition models and any creative difference, big or small, that drives unfair value and disproportionate returns.

Going fast but scaling right

For us, marketing is a function of engineering and the brand is an asset on the balance sheet. Companies that work this way are proven to outperform those that don’t. We’re looking for opportunities where unparalleled growth is made possible through the foundations of brand and marcomms investment. We are in a hurry, but we don’t rush.

Scaling an active community

Your audience is more than what they buy from you. They are active participants in shaping the story. As the adage goes: “It’s not enough to be a founder who can build a product, those are the table stakes. Now, they must be able to build a community around it. For most, the community is a true challenge.”

Open to the world

But based here in Camden, London — one of the UK’s start-up villages minus the tech-bro glumness and valet parking. It’s a place for unusual thinking, experimentation and every kind of person. Achieving balance in our portfolio is essential. We’re growing different types of companies with different types of founders, reflecting our idealistic, inclusive outlook.

We’re a B Corporation

Which requires us to be the change we seek in the world, understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations. Sustainability is a given. We actively look for ideas with positive-impact baked into the business model, as a genuine invitation to a better world.

Every investment counts

Creative Capital is a combination of bootstrapping, angel funding and specialist expertise. Our approach reduces burn and is ‘equity efficient’, leaving more in the hands of the founders. We invest branding and marketing support with a value of up to £1m per venture to build strong brands that stand out and move the world forward. We love what we do and do the work.

Hell yes!

We’re conviction-driven with special abilities to ‘trust the dots’ looking forward. We’ve achieved results but we measure our reputation and referral rate just as much. We were in New York wondering whether to start a company. We looked up at this sign and within weeks And Rising was born. Created by Ugo Rondinone, it celebrates love, life, bravery and optimism.

Hell yes! by Ugo Rondinone at Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) New York
By Ugo Rondinone, New Museum, NY, photograph by Amaury Laporte

For more information or to submit an investor deck, contact adrienne@andrising.com


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